2400 6th St. NW

The administration building for Howard University is at 2400 6th St. NW. This photo was taken 4 days after the start of the take-over of the administration building by Howard University students, with their demands posted on the doors.

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Third Church of Christ, Scientist

The Third Church of Christ, Scientist, at the corner of 16th and I St., was completed in 1970. It is of concrete, built in the Brutalist style by architect Araldo Cossutta, who worked with I.M. Pei. The concrete was poured on the spot, 60 feet tall in an octagonal shape with only one window. The […]

Embassy of Malta

The Embassy of Malta is at 2017 Connecticut Avenue in a four-story brick and stone townhouse.  It was built in 1903 by architect Waddy B. Wood, in the Colonial Revival style.

1000 Connecticut Avenue

Glass is prevalent in most of the modern office buildings in the business district of D.C.  This glass door with metal bars reflects the constant stream of people walking by the busy corner of Connecticut and K Street. It was built in 2012, replacing a previous building from 1956.