Monthly Archives: January 2014

1000 Connecticut Avenue

Glass is prevalent in most of the modern office buildings in the business district of D.C.  This glass door with metal bars reflects the constant stream of people walking by the busy corner of Connecticut and K Street. It was built in 2012, replacing a previous building from 1956.

Commercial National Bank Building

Located on the corner of 14th and G St., the Commercial National Bank Building was constructed in 1917 out of limestone in a simple neo-classical style.  The architect was Waddy B. Wood, who also designed the Department of the Interior. The building sold in August 2013 for $183 million to the Paramount Group Inc.  The […]

819 6th St.

The buildings on this block of Chinatown are flush together.  The door at 819 6th St. NW is at the edge of the property, with #817 abutting right up against the door frame.  The property was built in 1896 by the Mullett firm.  This firm was founded by Alfred Mullett, who had been the supervising […]

Carnegie Institution for Science

The Carnegie Institution for Science is an imposing Beaux-Arts building on 16th Street, but not as imposing as it might have been, since Andrew Carnegie wanted a building that was more about the work being done inside than the impressiveness of the building itself.  The architects were John Carrére and Thomas Hastings, who also built […]

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice building, on Pennsylvania Avenue, was completed in 1935.  The building was designed to fit in with the other Federal buildings nearby, so it has many classical and Greek elements.  The doors are art deco, made of 20 foot high aluminum panels that slide into the building walls.