Dupont Circle

Residence of the Embassy of Cameroon

The residence of the Embassy of Cameroon is at 2349 Massachusetts Avenue, on the corner of Massachusetts and 24th St. It has been vacated while undergoing renovation since 2009. The Republic of Cameroon bought the property in 1972. Prior to that, from 1929 to 1969, the property was the Czechoslovakian Embassy.
The building was constructed in 1907, for owner Christian Hauge, who was the first Norwegian minister to the U.S. It was intended to serve as both a residence and the legation office. It was designed by architect George Oakley Totten, Jr., built out of limestone in a 16th century French style with Gothic elements, and a round tower at the corner. Christian Hauge died while snowshoeing in Norway shortly before the construction was finished. His wife lived there from 1907 to 1927, and became prominent in Washington society and gave many parties there.