Fishermen of Men Church

The Fishermen of Men Church, at 3641 Georgia Avenue, was founded in 1969 and acquired the Georgia Avenue location in 1977. The building was originally the York Theater, built in 1919 for movie theater owner Harry Crandall by architect Reginald Geare. Crandall owned many movie theaters in D.C., including the Lincoln, and was one of the first large-scale movie theater entrepreneurs. The door is at the corner of the building in a large arch, and seven similar arches (without doors) run along the Georgia Avenue side and four similar arches run along the Quebec Place side of the building. The arches were originally designed to showcase movie posters.
The building has been nominated for historic status with support from the D.C. government, but the church does not want that designation because of the difficulties it would face in doing future renovations.