Dupont Circle

2025 Massachusetts Avenue

2025 Massachusetts Avenue is a Romanesque stone and brick building with a circular tower and stained glass windows. It was constructed in 1885 by architect W. Bruce Gray, for owner Samuel M. Bryan. Bryan was a postal official in the U.S., and he was invited to go to Japan from 1872-1882 to reorganize the Japanese postal system. Japan gave him the Order of the Rising Sun, and a $12,000 bonus payment which he used to construct this house. He later became the president of the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company.

From 1950 until 2008, the building served as headquarters for the Church of the Savior. It is currently owned by the Zients Family Foundation, who is proposing to use it for non-profit offices.

The building is along Embassy Row, and the Embassy of Indonesia can be seen reflected in door. The flag is the Association of South East Asian Nations flag, which flies by the side of the Indonesian Embassy.