4100 Chesapeake St.

This is an old vacant building on Chesapeake Street, on the corner of 41st Street – don’t know what the address is, but it is likely to be 4100.  It is on the southwest corner of Fort Reno Park.

It is a two-story brick building, now boarded up.  It was constructed in 1937, and originally was a combination store and residence.  In 1950, the government bought it, as part of a plan to enlarge Fort Reno Park, which never happened.  So then it again became a private business, and then in 1975 became government property again.  It was going to be torn down as part of the widening of Chesapeake Street, which never happened, or to be part of plans again to refurbish Fort Reno Park, which also never happened.  There are no current plans for it, and it remains boarded up.