Monthly Archives: January 2017

2446 Belmont Road

2446 Belmont Road will soon become famous as the house the Obamas rent after his Presidency.   The house is three stories, brick with Tudor details.  It was built in 1928, and last sold in 2014 for $5.295 million. The house is close to its neighbors and similar in size to the other large 1920’s […]

2449 Tracy Place

2449 Tracy Place is a large (6,800 square feet) white brick house.  It was built in 1923 in the Colonial style by prominent D.C. architect Waddy Wood. Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are scheduled to move in to the house in the next few weeks.  The house sold for $5.5 million in December […]

1204 Talbert Street

1204 Talbert St. is a three-story brick apartment building on the corner of Talbert and Martin Luther King Jr Avenue.  This door is on the MLK Jr Avenue side of the building.  The building was constructed in 1986.