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2400 6th St. NW

The administration building for Howard University is at 2400 6th St. NW. This photo was taken 4 days after the start of the take-over of the administration building by Howard University students, with their demands posted on the doors.

2146 Georgia Avenue N.W.

2146 Georgia Avenue N.W. was the  Bond Bread factory, and covers half a city block.  This door is from the rear of the building on 8th St.  It was built in 1929 and closed in 1971.  Since then, it was owned by the D.C. government and used for various utility purposes, and was then bought […]

Banneker High School

Benjamin Banneker High School, at 800 Euclid Street, is a three-story school in the Classical Revival style, brick with limestone trim. It was originally built for Banneker Junior High, a segregated school that was closed after Brown v. Board of Education for three years until it became an integrated school.  Banneker High School was created […]

Former Bruce Elementary School

Bruce Elementary School, at 770 Kenyon St. NW, was built in 1898. It was one of the first D.C. schools built outside of the main downtown core, partially because land was cheaper here and the school building allotment was a flat amount regardless of the varying cost of land in the different parts of the […]

The Irving

The Irving, at 3101 Sherman St., is a red-brick four-story apartment building with 21 units. It was designed by architect Sam Novak in about 1941; Novak designed thirteen apartment projects in D.C.