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1607 22nd St. NW

1607 22nd St. is a four-story brick townhouse with stone trim in the French Revival style. It is known as the Cranford House, built in 1906 by businessman Joseph Cranford. It is currently owned by the American News Women’s Club.

2221 R St. NW

2221 R St. NW was formerly the residence of the Embassador for Yugoslavia. It was acquired by Serbia in 2011 under the Yugoslavian succession agreement. Serbia has plans to renovate it, but it has remained empty and no work has started on it since 2011.

2223 R St. NW

2223 R St. is a three and 1/2 story stone building, built by architect George Oakley Totten in the style of an Italian palazzo.  It is referred to as the Charles Evans Hughes House;  he lived there from 1930 until when he died in 1948. The building was originally constructed in 1907 as an embassy. […]