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916 Rittenhouse St. NW

The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is at 916 Rittenhouse St. NW.  The Brotherhood has a number of churches in the U.S., and describes itself as a “Spiritual School of Practical Christianity.” The building is a two-story brick house with attic dormer, built in 1936.

Emory United Methodist Church

Emory United Methodist Church is at 6100 Georgia Avenue NW, on a tall hill overlooking the surrounding area.  It was built in 1922 by the architectural firm of of Milburn, Heister and Company, in the Classical Revival Style.  A 1907 building behind the church, constructed in 1907, was incorporated as an annex to the building. […]

Military Road School

The Military Road School was established in 1864 to educate African-American children. The building was designed by Snowden Ashford, the city’s Municipal Architect, in 1912. The building is currently used by the Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School. The site is at 1375 Missouri Ave., NW, which was formerly part of Military Road, the […]