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Our Lady of Lebanon

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church, at 7142 Alaska Avenue, was built in 1976.  It is a modern concrete structure with stained glass doors.  The architect was Alexis Moukarzel, who wrote that “The multi faceted envelope of the entrance expresses a new pioneering trend in design recently called “new edge design”.

Brightwood Elementary School

Brightwood Elementary School is a D.C. public elementary school.  It started in 1897, and the current building at 1300 Nicholson St. was built in 1926.  The architect was Waddy B. Wood, a famed D.C. architect.  The building is a three-story brick building with a columned facade above the front door, and limestone trim.

1351 Nicholson St.

1351 Nicholson St. has been part of the CAPCS charter school buildings, as the Carmen and Kent Amos Campus.  The charter of CAPCS has recently been revoked by the D.C. Public School Charter Board, so the future use of this building is not known.