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1120 Montello Avenue

The Holy Land Spiritual Church is at 1120 Montello Avenue. It is a 2 1/2 story brick building in the middle of a series of rowhouses, with a steeple on the triangular-peaked roof. It was built in 1981.

1401 Okie St.

1401 Okie Street is a 90,000 sq. ft. brick warehouse on the corner of Okie and Fenwick Streets in Ivy City; this door is on the Fenwick side of the building. Pappas Tomato Factory owned this building from 1979 to 2014; before that it was used by Safeway as a pre-pack operation. Douglas Development bought […]

418 Florida Avenue NE

418 Florida Avenue NE is a three-story small industrial building, brick with stone trim, and is currently vacant.  It was bought by Edens as part of the acquisition of properties in the general Union Market area, and there are currently proposals for Ranger Properties to built condos and a hotel on the site.