A Street NE

210 A St. NE
700 A St. NE

A Street SE

318 A St. SE
330 A St. SE

Adams Mill Road

2605 Adams Mill Rd.
2611 Adams Mill Road
2627 Adams Mill Rd.

Alaska Avenue

Our Lady of Lebanon

Ashley Terrace

3428 Ashley Terrace

B Street SE

3600 B St. SE

Bancroft Place

2122 Bancroft Place

Barney Circle

8 Barney Circle

Belmont Road

2446 Belmont Road

Benning Road NE

1804-1806 Benning Road
New Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Biltmore Street

1901 Biltmore Street
1940 Biltmore St.

Blagden Alley

38 Blagden Alley
924 N St., alleyway
926 N St. – alley side #1
926 N St. – alley side #2
926 N St. – alley side #3
Blagden Alley – unknown door #1
Blagden Alley – unknown door #2
Blagden Alley, unknown door #3
Shaw Racing Team

Boyer Street SE

Building 113, Navy Yard Annex
Building 116, Navy Yard Annex

C Street NE

205 C St. NE
207 C St. NE
Peabody Elementary School

C Street SE

109 C St. SE
301 C St. SE
614 C St. SE
Cannon Office Building

California Street

2122 California St.
2123 California St.
2127 California St.
2145 California St.
2151 California St.

Calvert Street

1845 Calvert Street
1919 Calvert St. NW
1934 Calvert St.
2307 Calvert St.
Bus depot

Champlain Street

Washington City Paper

Chesapeake Street

4100 Chesapeake St.
4116 Chesapeake Street

Church Street

Keegan Theater – 1742 Church St.
St. Thomas Church

Cliffbourne Road

2513 Cliffbourne Rd.

Columbia Road

1707 Columbia Road
1723 Columbia Road
1725 Columbia Road
1727 Columbia Road
1785 1/2 Columbia Road
1816 Columbia Road
1818 Columbia Road
2030 Columbia Road
The Kalorama

Connecticut Avenue

1000 Connecticut Avenue
1327 Connecticut Avenue
1808 Connecticut Avenue
1832 Connecticut Avenue
2000 Connecticut Avenue
2018 Connecticut Avenue
2019 Connecticut Avenue
2029 Connecticut Avenue NW
2311 Connecticut Avenue
2801 Connecticut Avenue
2807 Connecticut Avenue
2814 Connecticut Avenue
5425 Connecticut Avenue
American City Diner
Embassy of Malta
St. Margaret’s Episopal

Constitution Avenue NE

407 Constitution Ave. NE
419 Constitution Avenue NE
629 Constitution Ave. NE
639 Constitution Avenue NE
649 Constitution Ave. NE
651 Constitution Ave. NE
655 Constitution Avenue NE
The Reserve Officers Association of the United States

Constitution Avenue NW

American Institute of Pharmacy
Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium
Bulfinch Gatehouse
E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse
Lockkeeper’s House
National Gallery of Art

Constitution Square

Three Constitution Square

Corcoran Street

1324 Corcoran St.
1712 Corcoran St.

D Street NE

417 D St. NE

D Street NW

Constitution Hall

D Street SE

111 D St. SE
115 D St. SE
119 D St. SE
122 D St. SE
128 D St. SE
15 D St. SE
17 D Street SE
53 D St. SE
703 D St. SE
820 D St. SE
American Legion
The Buchanan School

Decatur Place

2200 Decatur Place
2202 Decatur Place
2204 Decatur Place
2206 Decatur Place
2228 Decatur Place

Delaware Avenue SW

Graffiti church

Dumbarton Rock Court

1508 Dunbarton Rock Court

Dumbarton Street

Epiphany Catholic Church
First Baptist Church

Dupont Circle

9 Dupont Circle
The Patterson House

E Street NE

307 E St. NE
313 E St. NE
Stuart-Hobson Middle School

E Street NW

1013 E St. NW
First Trinity Lutheran Church

E Street SE

1229 E Street SE
1247 E St. SE
700 E St. SE
Congressional Cemetery

East Capitol Street

220 East Capitol St.
314 E. Capitol Street
Folger Shakespeare Library
Lutheran Church of the Reformation

Eastern Avenue

7900 Eastern Avenue

Eighteenth Street NW

1700 18th St. NW
1701 18th St. NW
1706 18th St. NW
1740 18th St. NW
1818 18th St. NW
1901 18th St. NW
2102 18th St. NW
2104 18th St. NW
2218 18th St. NW
2228 18th St. NW
2233 18th St. NW
2311 18th St NW
2450 18th St. NW
2452 18th St. NW
Emerson Preparatory School
OCA National Center

Eighth Street NW

1310 8th St NW
1316 8th St. NW
1711 8th St. NW
1900 8th St. NW
1911 8th St. NW
1911 8th St. NW
1914 8th St. NW
422 8th St. NW
Calvary Baptist Church
Cleveland Elementary School
Greater New Hope Baptist Church
The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Eighth Street SE

1104 8th St. SE
227 8th St. SE
423-A 8th St. SE
545 8th St. SE

Eleventh Street NE

811 11th St. NE

Eleventh Street NW

1101 11th St. NW
1112 11th St. NW
1125 11th St. NW
1916 11th St. NW
427 11th St. NW – Seized
Asbury United Methodist Church

Euclid Street

1721 Euclid St.
707 Euclid Street
Banneker High School
First Church of Christ Scientist

F Street NE

207 F St. NE
235 F St. NE
606 F St. NE
636 F St. NE
644 F St. NE
827 F St. NE

F Street NW

1000 F St. NW
1025 F St. NW
700 F St. NW – Hotel Monaco
911 F St. NW
915 F St. NW
Engine Company 2 and Rescue 1
Kennedy Center
Madame Tussauds
The National Building Museum

Fifteenth Street NW

1229 15th St.
1536 15th St.
925 13th St. NW – BF Saul building
Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church
Grace Reformed Church
Meridian Hill Park
National Savings and Trust Company
Old Ebbitt Grill
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Union Trust Building

Fifteenth Street SE

2116 15th St. SE

Fifth Street NE

1236 5th St. NE
1244 5th St. NE
814 5th St. NE

Fifth Street NW

1114 Fifth St. NW
1115 5th St. NW
1121 5th St. NW
1126 5th St. NW
1133 5th St. NW
Saint Mary Mother of God Parish
St. Mary’s Rectory
St. Mary’s School

Fifth Street SE

200 5th St. SE
226 5th St. SE

First Street NE

1100 First St. NE
1200 First St. NE
Avalon First and M
Supreme Court

First Street NW

320 First St. NW

First Street SE

1520 First St. SE
310 1st St. SE – Capitol Hill Club
401 1st St. SE
413 1st St. SE
U.S. Capitol

Florida Avenue NE

1200 Florida Avenue NE
30 Florida Avenue NE
418 Florida Avenue NE
NoMa-Gallaudet Metro Station
Trinidad Fire Station

Florida Avenue NW

1314 Florida Avenue NW
1314 Florida Avenue NW
1418 Florida Avenue NW
1418 Florida Avenue NW
1834 Florida Avenue NW
2122 Florida Avenue NW
2132 Florida Avenue NW
2146 Florida Avenue NW
2148 Florida Avenue NW
2152 Florida Avenue NW
2153 Florida Avenue NW
2153 Florida Avenue NW – alley door
2158 Florida Avenue NW
459 Florida Avenue NW
533 Florida Avenue NW
603 Florida Avenue NW
607 Florida Avenue NW
911 Florida Avenue NW
913 Florida Avenue NW
965 Florida Avenue NW
Decatur Apartments

Fordham Road

4300 Fordham Road

Forty-second St. NW

4621 42nd St. NW

Forty-sixth St. NW

4150 46th St. NW

Four and a Half Street NW

Industrial building
S&G Autobody Shop

Fourteenth Street NW

1418 14th St. NW
1616 14th St.
1716 14th St. NW
1939 14th St. NW
Commercial National Bank Building

Fourteenth Street SE

Agape 1 Church of Christ

Fourth Street NE

1250 4th St. NE
1263 4th St. NE
216 4th St. NE
2432 4th St. NE
300 4th St. NE
322 4th St. NE
428 4th St. NE

Fourth Street NW

705 4th St. NW
711 4th St. NW
FBI Field Office

Fourth Street SE

1105-1107 4th St. SE
120 4th St. SE

G Street NW

2033 G St. NW – The Woodhull House
Government Accountability Office headquarters
The Church of the Epiphany

G Street SE

1507 G St. SE
701 G St. SE
705 G St. SE
709 G St. SE
712 G St. SE
714 G St. SE
800 G St SE
Home of the Commandants

Georgia Avenue

2030 Georgia Avenue – Church of God
2112 Georgia Avenue – the WRECO garage
2146 Georgia Avenue N.W.
3702 Georgia Avenue NW
6805 Georgia Ave. NW
Banneker Recreation Center
DCFD Engine 24, Rescue 2
Emory United Methodist Church
Fishermen of Men Church

H Street NE

1104 H St. NE
1250 H St. NE
1300 H St. NE
1301 H St. NE
1337 H St. NE
1362 H St. NE
402 H St. NE
411 H St. NE
418 H St. NE
420 H Street NE
Home Savings Bank

H Street NW

705 H St. NW
717 H St. NW
Daniel Webster School
The Jefferson
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Half Street SW

1322 Half St. SW
1399 Half Street SW
William Syphax School

Harewood Road

Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family

Hawaii Avenue

One Hawaii Avenue NE

Highland Place

3209 Highland Place
3224 Highland Place

Hillyer Place

2016 Hillyer Place
2022 Hillyer Place
2029 Hillyer Place
2030 Hillyer Place
2034 Hillyer Place

Hopkins Street

1408 Hopkins Street

Hughes Mews

904 Hughes Mews
913 Hughes Mews

I Street NE

1207 I St. NE

I Street NW

1000 I St. NW
455 I St. NW
457 I St. NW
459 I St. NW
506 I St. NW
510 I St. NW
512 I St. NW
601 I St. NW
612 I St.
614 I St. NW
620 I St. NW
638 I St. NW
Fujian Resident Association
Marquis de Lafayette Hall
Sixth & I

I Street SW

Randall Junior High School

Independence Avenue SE

300 Independence Avenue SE
419 Independence Avenue SE

Independence Avenue SW

Department of Agriculture – administrative building
Department of Agriculture – south building
Freer Gallery of Art
National Museum of the American Indian

Indiana Avenue NW

100 Indiana Avenue NW
Metropolitan Police Headquarters

Ingraham Street

Gideon Baptist Church
Truesdale Elementary School

Irving Street NW

778 Irving St. NW

Jackson Place

736 Jackson Place
Decatur House
The Trowbridge House

Jackson Street

Slowe Elementary School

Jefferson Drive

Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building
Smithsonian Castle

Jefferson Place

1821 Jefferson Place
1825 Jefferson Place

Jonquil Street

1601 Jonquil St.
Ohev Shalom

K Street NW

1007 K St. NW
1700 K St. NW
1900 K St. NW
2020 K St. NW
2033 K St.
3000 K St. NW
317 K St. NW
3401 K St. NW
3700 K St. NW
444 & 446 K St. NW
601 K St. NW
615 K St. NW
617 K St. NW
The Carpenters Building

Kalmia Road

The Lowell School

Kalorama Road

1921 Kalorama Road

Kentucky Avenue SE

501 Kentucky Avenue SE

Kenyon Street

1324 Kenyon St.
1350 Kenyon St.
1366 Kenyon Street
1372 Kenyon St.
Former Bruce Elementary School

L Street NW

1011 L St. NW
1101 L St. NW
1801 L St.
2520 L St. NW
2526 L St. NW
501 and 503 L St. NW
611 L St. NW
919 L St. NW
The Eldon

L'Enfant Plaza

490 L’Enfant Plaza
950 L’Enfant Plaza

Lamont Street

1627 Lamont St.

Lanier Place

1736 Lanier Place
1741 Lanier Place
1763 Lanier Place – DCFD Engine Company 21
1766 Lanier Place
1783 Lanier Place

Leroy Place

2130 Leroy Place
Embassy of Mauritania
Embassy of Mauritania
Embassy of Nepal

Lowell Street

John Eaton Elementary School

M Street NE

130 M St. NE
131 M St. NE

M Street NW

1000 M St. NW
1004 M St. NW
1006 M St. NW
1010 M St. NW
1014 M St. NW
1107 M St. NW
1212 M St. NW
1228 M St. NW
1232 M St. NW
1711 M St. NW
1800 M St.
1813 M St. NW
2819 M St. NW
3039-3041 M St. NW
3111 M St. NW – Urban Outfitters
3233 M St. NW
3276 M St NW: Dean & DeLuca
404 M St. NW
415 M St. NW
425 M St. NW
436 M St. NW
440 M St. NW
451 M St. NW
452 M St. NW
628 M St. NW
900 M St. NW
901 M St. NW
905 M St. NW
909 M St. NW
910 M St. NW, alley entrance
917 M St., rear
930 M St. NW
Fire station – 2225 M St. NW
Georgetown Car Barn
Metropolitan AME Church
Mount Joy Soul Saving Station
The United House of Prayer
The Westin Georgetown

M Street SE

300 M St. SE
410 M St. SE
St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

M Street SW

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Madison Place

United States Court of Federal Claims

Maine Avenue SW

Fish Market

Maple View Place SE

1208 Maple View Place SE

Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE

1809 Martin Luther King Avenue S.E.
2005 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE
2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
2019 Martin Luther King Avenue
2026 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
2210 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE
2214 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE
2216 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE
2224 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
2234 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
2238 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
2301 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE
2420 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
2427 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue – Thurgood Marshall Academy
2500 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
Engine Company 25

Maryland Avenue NE

1022 Maryland Avenue NE
1335 Maryland Avenue NE
611 Maryland Avenue NE
Apostolic Faith Church
Engine House No. 10
Purity Baptist Church

Maryland Avenue SW

U.S. Botanic Garden

Massachusetts Avenue NW

1113 Massachusetts Avenue NW
1115 Massachusetts Avenue NW
1720 Massachusetts Avenue NW
1730 Massachusetts Avenue NW
1780 Massachusetts Avenue NW
1785 Massachusetts Avenue NW
2025 Massachusetts Avenue
2202 Massachusetts Avenue
2202 Massachusetts Avenue NW
2216 Massachusetts Avenue NW
2320 Massachusetts Avenue NW
2339 Massachusetts Avenue NW
459 Massachusetts Avenue NW
4605 Massachusetts Avenue – Arabic Baptist Church
650 Massachusetts Avenue
Brookings Institution
Embassy of Chile
Embassy of Greece
Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia
Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church
Old Chancery of the Embassy of the Philippines
Residence of the Embassy of Cameroon
Sixth Church of Christ Scientist
The Cosmos Club
The Gales School
Union Station

Michigan Avenue NE

Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Father O’Connell Hall, Catholic University
Gibbons Hall, Catholic University

Minnesota Avenue SE

Second St. James Baptist Church
The Kimball School

Missouri Avenue NW

Military Road School

Monroe Street

1001 Monroe St. NW
1015 Monroe St.

Montello Avenue

1111 Montello Avenue
1120 Montello Avenue

Morse Street

405 Morse St.
407 Morse Street NE
409 Morse Street
409 Morse Street NE
410 Morse Street NE
423 Morse Street NE

N Street NW

1112 N St. NW – Mt. Zion Pentecostal Church
1113 N St. NW
1117 N St. NW
1217 N St. NW
1220 N St. NW
1335 N St. NW
1743-1755 N St. NW
1822 N St.
2911 and 2913 N St. NW
2916 N St. NW
2920 N St. NW
3026 N St. NW
3032 N St. NW
3051 N St. NW
3255 N St. NW
3256 N St. NW
3257 N St. NW
3265 N St. NW
611 N Street NW
903 N St. NW
905 N St. NW
907 N St. NW
917 N St. NW – Salem Baptist Church
924 N St., alleyway
925 N Street – Grymes Memorial Hall
926 N St. – alley side #1
926 N St. – alley side #2
926 N St. – alley side #3
927 N St. NW
Alexander Memorial Baptist Church
Francis-Stevens Education Campus
Georgetown Baptist Church
Kesher Israel Congregation
Pepco Substation

Naylor Court

1326 Naylor Court
1327 Naylor Court

Nebraska Avenue

3850 Nebraska Avenue – Temple Baptist Church

Nelson Place

2951 Nelson Place SE

New Hampshire Avenue NW

1521 New Hampshire Avenue
1728 New Hampshire Avenue NW
1730 New Hampshire Avenue
1740 New Hampshire Avenue NW
3807 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Embassy of Zimbabwe Chancery
Heurich House
The Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua

New Jersey Avenue NW

1125 New Jersey Avenue NW
1151 New Jersey Avenue NW
DCFD Engine Co 3
The Bible Way Temple

New Jersey Avenue SE

413 New Jersey Ave. SE
417 New Jersey Avenue SE

New York Avenue NE

39 New York Ave. N.E.
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

New York Avenue NW

1330 New York Avenue, NW
301 New York Ave. NW
465 New York Avenue NW
605 New York Ave. NW
607 New York Avenue
First Tabernacle
Greyhound Terminal
National Savings and Trust Company
Octagon House

Newark Street

3614 Newark St.
3621 Newark Street

Newport Place

2115 Newport Place
2123 Newport Place

Nicholson Street

1351 Nicholson St.
1385 Nicholson Street
Brightwood Elementary School

Nineteenth Street NW

1310 19th St.
1608 19th St. NW
1632 19th St. NW
1926 19th St.

Ninth Street NW

1120 9th St. NW
1218 9th St. NW
1228 9th St.
1300 9th St. NW
1530 9th St. NW
1538 9th St. NW – Carter Woodson House
1704 9th St. NW
1706 9th St. NW
1708 9th St. NW
2534 and 2536 9th St. NW
City Center
New Bethel Baptist Church

Ninth Street SE

229 9th Street SE
232 9th St. SE
706 9th St. SE
Rear alley, 507 9th St. SE

North Capitol Street

1133 North Capitol Street
Government Printing Office
Government Printing Office Building No. 3
Government Printing Office Warehouse Building 4
St. Phillips Baptist Church

North Carolina Avenue SE

300 N. Carolina Avenue SE
318 North Carolina

O Street NW

1000 O St. NW
1100 O St. NW
2025 O St. NW
2148 O St. NW
2800 O St. NW
2816 O St. NW
2829 O St. NW
3026 O St. NW
3032 O St. NW
3035 O St. NW
3039 O St. NW
3219 O Street NW – The Hyde School
Christ Church Georgetown
City Market at O
Scripture Cathedral Church
St. John’s Episcopal Church
The Anglican Parish of Christ the King

Okie Street

1401 Okie St.

Olive Street NW

2728 Olive St. NW

Ontario Road

Embassy of Central African Republic

P Street NW

1504 P St. NW
1510 P St. NW
1516 P St. NW
1739 P St.
2525 P St. NW
2612 P St. NW
2722 P St.
2726 P St. NW
2732 P St.
3005 P St. NW
3526 P St. NW
Cafe Japone
Georgetown Presbyterian
The Church of the Pilgrims

Penn Street NE

550 Penn St. NE

Pennsylvania Avenue NW

2136 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
2600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
633 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
American Security and Trust Company
Department of Justice
Embassy of Canada
Federal Trade Commission
John A. Wilson Building
Old Post Office
Renwick Gallery
Riggs National Bank
Ronald Reagan Building
Spanish Embassy
St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church
The Evening Star Building
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Pennsylvania Avenue SE

1006 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
607 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
607A Pennsylvania Avenue SE
609 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
619-2 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
660 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Hine Junior High School
The former door

Phelps Place

1823 Phelps Place
1835 Phelps Street
Russian Cultural Center

Poplar Street

2705 Poplar Street
2724 Poplar St.

Porter Street

2926 Porter Street
3028 Porter st.

Potomac Street

1212 Potomac St.
1305 Potomac St.
1313 Potomac St.
Flour Mill

Prospect Street

3250 Prospect Street
3622 Prospect St.

Q Street NW

1702 Q St. NW
1746 Q St. NW
1900 Q St. NW
2017 Q St. NW
2022 Q St. NW
2025 Q St. NW
3013 -3015 Q St.
3039 Q St. NW
906 Q St. NW
908 Q St. NW
The Church of Two Worlds

Queen Anne's Lane

2538 Queen Anne’s Lane

R Street NW

1325 R St. NW
1333 R St.
1419 R St. NW
1423 R St. NW
1727 R St. NW
1734 R St. NW
1744 R St. NW
1839 R St. NW
1841 R St. NW
1845 R St. NW
2108 R St. NW
2126 R St. NW
2127 R St. NW
2133 R St. NW
2139 R St. NW
2200 R St. NW – Embassy of Zambia
2201 R St. NW
2211 R St. NW
2220 R St. NW
2221 R St. NW
2223 R St. NW
2224 R St. NW
3316 R St. NW
3435 R St. NW
John Ross Elementary School
National Museum of American Jewish History
The Roydon

Randolph Street

First Baptist Church

Reservoir Road

3414 Reservoir Rd.

Rhode Island Avenue NW

1717 Rhode Island Avenue
Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle

Riggs Place

1717 Riggs Place NW
1719 Riggs Place NW
1735 & 1737 Riggs Place

Rittenhouse Street

916 Rittenhouse St. NW

River Road

The City Church

S Street NW

1614 S St. NW
1702 S St. NW
1708 S St. NW
2040 S St. NW
2200 S Street NW
2222 S St.
2320 S St.
2330 S St.
2340 S Street NW – rear
2344 S Street NW
2346 S Street NW
2347 S Street NW
710 S St. NW
813 S St. NW
815 S St. NW
Embassy of Pakistan residence
Embassy of the Republic of Albania
Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Irish Ambassador’s residence
Netherlands Residency

Second Street NE

105 2nd St. NE
19 2nd St NE
235 Second Street NE
425 2nd St. NE
505 2nd St. NE
517 2nd St. NE
523 2nd St. NE
St. Joseph’s on Capitol Hill
St. Joseph’s rectory
The “Senate” building

Second Street SE

St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill

Seventeenth Street NW

1300 17th St. NW
1526 17th St. NW
2518 17th St. NW
900 17th Street NW
910 17th St. NW
Corcoran Gallery of Art
H.D. Cooke Elementary School
Old Executive Office Building
Organization of American States

Seventeenth Street SE

707 17th St. SE

Seventh Street NW

1005 7th St. NW
1027 7th St.
1201 7th St. NW
7th and L St.
800 7th St. NW
810 7th St. NW
901 7th St. NW
Ivy and Coney
National Bank of Washington
Seventh Street Savings Bank
The Sumner School

Seventh Street SE

123 7th St. SE
133 7th St. SE
23 7th St. SE
232 7th St. SE
25 7th St. SE
400 7th St. SE
403 7th St. SE
410 7th St. SE
412 7th St. SE
412 7th St. SE
418 7th St. SE
515 7th St. SE
522 7th St. SE – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
525 7th St. SE
541 7th St SE
545 7th St. SE – Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
714 7th St. SE
Eastern Market
Woven History & Silk Road

Seward Square

405 Seward Square
501 Seward Square
515 Seward Square SE
520 Seward Square, SE

Shepherd Street

801 Shepherd Street
The First Church of Seventh Day Adventists
Zion Hill Baptist Church

Sherman Street

The Irving

Sixteenth Street NW

1100 16th St.
1222 16th St.
1530 16th St.
3220 16th St. NW
3224 16th St. NW
Carnegie Institution for Science
First Baptist Church
Foundry United Methodist Church
Hellenic House
International House
Jefferson Hotel
National Geographic
National Geographic Society administration building
Third Church of Christ, Scientist

Sixth Street NE

401 6th St. NE

Sixth Street NW

1026 6th St. NW
1100 6th St. NW
1110 6th Street NW
1112 6th Street NW
1114 6th Street NW – Galbraith AME Zion Church
1120 6th Street NW
1129 6th St. NW
1134 6th Street NW
1138 6th Street NW
1140 6th Street NW
1913 6th St. NW
1919 6th St. NW
2400 6th St. NW
805 6th St. NW
815 6th St. NW
819 6th St.
Gee How Oak Tin Association
German-American Heritage Museum

South Capitol Street

402 S. Capitol St.

South Carolina Avenue SE

914 South Carolina Avenue SE

T Street NW

3502 T Street NW
600 T St. NW
601 T St.
809 T St. NW
901 T St. NW
906 T St. NW
922 T St. NW
939 T St. NW

Talbert Street

1204 Talbert Street

Tenth Street NW

1300 10th St. NW – New Bethany Baptist Church
1305 10th St. NW
3600 10th St. NW
719 10th St. NW
Ford’s Theater
Garnet-Patterson Middle School

Tenth Street SE

322 10th St. SE

Texas Street SE

Mary H. Plummer Elementary School

Third Street NE

1140 3rd St NE
1179 3rd St. NE
518 3rd St. NE
536 3rd St. NE

Third Street NW

704 3rd St. NW
Holy Rosary Church
Lillian & Albert Small Jewish Museum

Third Street SE

1108 3rd St. SE
14 3rd Street SE
20 3rd St. SE
219 3rd St. SE

Thirteenth Street NE

820 13th St. NE
Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Monastery

Thirteenth Street NW

13th Street Church of Christ
2033 13th St. NW
2033 13th St. NW
2239 13th St. NW
2239 13th St. NW
3010 13th St. NW
3012 13th St. NW
3018 13th St. NW
601 13th St. NW – The Homer Building
Harriet Tubman Elementary School
The Washington Baptist Seminary

Thirteenth Street SE

2101 13th St. SE

Thirtieth Street NW

1066 30th St. NW
1216 30th St. NW
1223 30th St. NW
1311 30th St. NW
1503 30th St. NW
3419 30th St. NW

Thirty-Fifth Street NW

1671 35th St. NW
1719 35th St. NW
1813 35th St. NW
1819 35th St. NW – Hardy Middle School
1906 35th St. NW
1934 35th St. NW
1940 35th St. NW
Divine Science Church
Hardy Middle School

Thirty-Second Street NW

1522 32nd St. NW

Thirty-Seventh Street NW

2001 37th St. NW

Thomas Jefferson Street

1055 Thomas Jefferson Street
1058 Thomas Jefferson Street
1058 Thomas Jefferson Street
1060 Thomas Jefferson St.

Tingey Street

Building 170
Building 202, Navy Yard Annex

Tracy Place

2449 Tracy Place

Twelfth Street NE

817 12th St. NE

Twelfth Street SE

Watkins Elementary School

Twentieth Street NW

2220 20th St. NW
2227 20th St. NW
2410 20th St. NW
2415 20th Street NW
2434 20th St. NW
2456 20th Street NW
The Embassy of Gabon

Twenty-eighth Street NW

1222 28th St. NW
1237 28th St. NW
1314 28th St. NW
1347 28th St. NW

Twenty-fifth Street NW

805 25th St. NW
822 25th St. NW
941 and 943 25th St. NW
951 25th St NW

Twenty-first Street NW

1279 21st St.
1311 21st St. NW
1333 21st St. NW
1426 21st Street NW
1617 21st St. NW
1624 21st St. NW
1627 21st St. NW
1627 21st St. NW
1706 21st St. NW
1728 21st St. NW
1730 21st St. NW
1731 21st Street NW
1732 21st St. NW
Corcoran Hall

Twenty-fourth Street NW

1115 24th St. NW
1117 24th St. NW
1121 24th St. NW
World Wildlife Fund

Twenty-ninth Street NW

Mt. Zion United Methodist
Scheele’s Market

Twenty-second Street NW

1004 22nd St. NW
1014 22nd St NW
1016 22nd St. NW
1605 22nd St. NW
1607 22nd St. NW
1621 22nd St. NW
1743 22nd St. NW

Twenty-sixth Street NW

955 26th St. NW

Twenty-third Street NW

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

Twining Court

2123 Twining Court

U Street NW

1209 U St. NW
1355 U St. NW
1700 U St. NW
1710 U St. NW
1742 U St. NW
1754 U St. NW
1774 U St. NW
601 U St. NW
607 U St. NW
613 U St. NW
617 U St. NW
Big Planet Comics
Bohemian Caverns

Upshur Street

824 Upshur Street