4300 Wisconsin Avenue

Engine Company 20 This historic firehouse was built in 1900 by architect Leon Emile Dessez, Jr. It’s in the Italianate Revival style, with glazed brick and terra-cotta. It houses Engine 20, Truck 12, Ambulance 20, and Battalion 5.

Congress Heights

Engine Company 25

Engine Company 25 is at 3203 Martin Luther King Jr., Ave SE. It was built in 1901, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lanier Heights

1763 Lanier Place – DCFD Engine Company 21

The District Fire Station at 1763 Lanier Place was built in 1908, for Engine Company 21 and Truck Company 9.  The architect was Appleton P. Clark, who designed the building in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Brightwood Park

DCFD Engine 24, Rescue 2

The DCFD station at 5101 Georgia Ave NW houses Engine Company 24 and Rescue 2, and is one of the three heavy-duty rescue operations in D.C.  Engine Company 24 was formed in 1911, originally at 3702 Georgia Ave. NW, and this location later became a Metro stop.  Engine Company 24 and Rescue 2 moved to […]


3702 Georgia Avenue NW

3702 Georgia Avenue NW is at the corner of Georgia and New Hampshire Avenue.  It was constructed in 1911 as the D.C. fire station for Engine 24.  In 1994, Engine 24 moved to 5101 Georgia Avenue.  At that time, the front entrance was shifted from the Georgia Avenue side to the New Hampshire Avenue side.  […]


Trinidad Fire Station

The Trinidad fire station is at 1342 Florida Avenue NE.  The station is a two-story brick building constructed in 1925, with two bays.  Engine 10 and Truck 13 are at this station.  Truck 13 has been there since it was built, and Engine 10, which had been established in 1895, moved there in 1940 from […]

Near Northeast

Engine House No. 10

Engine House No. 10, at 1341 Maryland Ave NE, was built in 1895 and was used as a firehouse up until 1940, when the Engine 10 unit moved to Florida Avenue to combine with Truck Company 13. It is a three-story red brick building, with limestone and terracotta trim. It was designed in the Victorian […]

West End

Fire station – 2225 M St. NW

The fire station at 2225 M St. NW, Engine Co. 1 and Truck Co. 2, is one of the District’s 33 fire stations. This station is part of Battalion 6, and houses Engine 1, a 2003 Seagrave Pumper Truck. Engine Co. 1 was founded in 1864. The current building, containing 4 bays, was constructed in […]

Capitol Hill

DCFD Engine Co 3

DCFD Engine Co 3 is at 439 New Jersey Avenue, N.W. It began operating there in November, 1916. Engine Co 3 is one of the 33 fire stations in D.C., and is part of Battalion 2 of the DC Fire Department. Other stations in Battalion 2 are Engine 7 at 1101 Half St. S.W., Engine […]


Engine Company 2 and Rescue 1

Engine Company 2 is one of 33 fire stations in D.C.  It was started in 1865 when the volunteer fire departments began to convert to paid firefighters.  It has been at several locations in D.C., and was for many years at 12th St. before it was demolished for tunneling for the Metro.  It has been […]