Shepherd Park

7900 Eastern Avenue

The Shepherd Park Christian Church is at 7900 Eastern Avenue. The church was founded in 1899, and built this large brick church in 1947.

American University Park

3850 Nebraska Avenue – Temple Baptist Church

Temple Baptist Church is a one-story brick church with a triangular peaked roof over the chapel.

Capitol Riverfront

St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, at 14 M St. SE, is a large stone church built in 1904. It is currently famous for holding NatsMass, a mass at the right time to go directly afterwards to the Nationals game nearby on Sundays.

Southwest Waterfront

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church is at 14 M Street SE.  Located near the ballpark, it started a special “Nats Mass” in 2014, a service at noon for baseball fans before home games.


1226 Vermont Avenue – Luther Place

Luther Place Memorial Church is an Evangelical Lutheran church at 1226 Vermont Avenue.  It was built in 1873.

Mount Vernon Square

1300 10th St. NW – New Bethany Baptist Church

1300 10th St. NW is a brick and stone church, built in 1900.  The New Bethany Baptist Church moved into the space in 1954.

Logan Circle

925 N Street – Grymes Memorial Hall

925 N Street is large three-story rowhouse with a half-round turret on the facade.  The adjacent Salem Baptist Church purchased the building in 1959 to use as Grymes Memorial Hall, an educational annex to the church.


1301 V St. SE – Delaware Baptist Church

The Delaware Baptist Church is a stone building with the main doors located in a central tower.

Mount Vernon Square

1114 6th Street NW – Galbraith AME Zion Church

Galbraith AME Zion Church is at 1114 6th St. NW.  The building has a tan stone facade, with trim in lighter stone, and a peaked roof with wood siding on the front. There are two stories of arched windows on the front facade;  the second-story windows are double-height.


2432 4th St. NE

2432 4th St. NE was built as a single-family house in 1900.  it is currently the home for Verdadera Fe Baptist Church.