Georgetown Car Barn

The Georgetown Car Barn, officially named the Capitol Traction Company Union Station, is at 3600 M St., on the corner of Prospect St. (and next to the Exorcist stairs) and across the street from Key Bridge. It was built in 1895 by D.C. architect Waddy B. Wood, who designed a complex building with multiple levels […]

Dupont Circle

Irish Ambassador’s residence

The residence for the Irish Ambassador is at 2233 S St. NW.  It was built in 1924, by D.C. architect Waddy B. Wood.  It was originally built for Frederic Delano, FDR’s uncle, and a member of the Federal Reserve Board.


2320 S St.

2320 S St. was the location of the Textile Museum until mid-2013.  It was built in 1908 by D.C. architect Waddy B. Wood, in an elaborate colonial revival style, for owner Martha Tucker.  The exterior is in Indiana white limestone. The original cost of the building was $43,000.  It is now for sale, combined with […]